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Subject: Sigma: [SUP152273] (Calls being dropped, SBC not responding properly)


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SUP152273 - Calls being dropped, SBC not responding properly




2019-09-24 16:37:39 (Deutschland)

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Hi all,

While you are reporting, that the issue is with the SBA, as just discussed via phone, you are a experiencing a total loss of connectivity to the SBC as you have said, that you can not access the SBC GUI during outage either.
To be able to investigate any problems no matter if with the SBC or ASM module with (in your case) SBA installation on it, we still need the files below that you can gather via the SBC WEB GUI as they will contain information both about SBC and SBA.

Please also provide all known dates of the issue occuring, so we can check the related timestamps in the logs.

We will investigate these files and config to understand your setup and check for past events and then come back with our findings / new action plan.

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Adrian Rill

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